Biohazard Photo Gallery

Sewage back-up that spilled over the tile floor

Sewage Back-ups Happen! Call the Professionals!

Water from sewer system backups should be considered very dangerous. The water is grossly unsanitary and may contain bacteria and viruses that could cause serious illness. Special training and equipment is necessary to safely clean this type of contamination.

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There are three major types of contaminated water. SERVPRO of Blount County will inspect that contaminated water to determine the type of water and then plan the appropriate response to safely restore your home or business

green fogger unit

ULV Fogger Used to Disinfect and Sanitize

ULV Foggers can be used to apply a light mist of disinfectant to large cubic foot areas, such as office buildings, crawlspaces, attics, large rooms, and HVAC ducting systems. They can help in air quality control, sanitization and disinfection of killing viruses and bacteria.