Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Fallen Tree Maryville

This damage is a result of a tree falling on a home in Marvyille. SERVPRO was called in to examine the damage and then repair the damage. The storm damage was v... READ MORE

Roof Collapsed In Maryville Home

This Maryville home sustained serious damage from a server storm that came through East Tennessee. The roof of this home collapse from the wind and water from t... READ MORE

Storm Damage At Alcoa Church

This damage was caused by server storm damage at an Alcoa church. Storms came through the Alcoa area causing a lot of damage to many homes. The windows of the c... READ MORE

Storm Damage At Maryville School

The damage that you see above resulted from a massive storm that came through the Knoxville area. The storm damage causes a large amount of water damage through... READ MORE

Storm Damage At Alcoa Home

This storm damage was caused by a server storm that moved through Alcoa. The storm was so strong that it busted the windows in the home, which cause major water... READ MORE

Severe Storm Damage in Maryville Home

This damage was called by a severe storm that hit Maryville. This home had a tree that fell on the house and caused major damage to the roof, which resulted in ... READ MORE